Source code for aiogoogle.sessions.curio_asks_session

__all__ = ["CurioAsksSession"]

import curio
import asks
from asks import Session

from .abc import AbstractSession
from ..models import Response


[docs]class CurioAsksSession(Session, AbstractSession): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): if kwargs.get("timeout"): del kwargs["timeout"] kwargs.pop("timeout", None) super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) async def send( self, *requests, timeout=None, full_res=False, raise_for_status=True, session_factory=None ): async def resolve_response(request, response): data = None json = None download_file = None upload_file = None pipe_from = None # If downloading file: if request.media_download: raise NotImplementedError( "Downloading media isn't supported by this session" ) else: if response.status_code != 204: # If no (no content) try: json = response.json() except: # noqa: E722 bare-except try: data = response.text except: # noqa: E722 bare-except try: data = response.content except: # noqa: E722 bare-except try: data = response.body except: # noqa: E722 bare-except data = None if request.media_upload: upload_file = request.media_upload.file_path return Response( url=str(response.url), headers=response.headers, status_code=response.status_code, json=json, data=data, reason=response.reason_phrase if getattr(response, "reason_phrase") else None, req=request, download_file=download_file, upload_file=upload_file, pipe_from=pipe_from, session_factory=session_factory, ) async def fire_request(request): request.headers["Accept-Encoding"] = "gzip" request.headers["User-Agent"] = "Aiogoogle Asks Curio (gzip)" if request.media_upload: raise NotImplementedError( "Uploading media isn't supported by this session" ) else: return await self.request( method=request.method, url=request.url, headers=request.headers,, json=request.json, # TODO: doesn't work with Asks # verify=request._verify_ssl, ) # ----------------- send sequence ------------------# async def get_response(request): response = await fire_request(request) response = await resolve_response(request, response) if raise_for_status is True: response.raise_for_status() return response async def get_content(request): response = await get_response(request) return response.content # ----------------- /send sequence ------------------# async def execute_tasks(): async with curio.TaskGroup() as g: if full_res is True: tasks = [ await g.spawn(get_response, request) for request in requests ] else: tasks = [ await g.spawn(get_content, request) for request in requests ] return await curio.gather(tasks) session_factory = self.__class__ if session_factory is None else session_factory if timeout is not None: async with curio.timeout_after(timeout): results = await execute_tasks() else: results = await execute_tasks() if isinstance(results, list) and len(results) == 1: return results[0] else: return results